VeraPlus and Generic IP cam - trouble setting up

I have a VeraPlus controller. Currently I have two Amcrest web cams installed to it. The web cams connect to my router via WiFi and each has a dedicated local IP address. They work great, I can see them on my Vera app on my iPhone, can set scenes with them, etc.

I’m having trouble connected my third Amcrest cam. Same make and model as the first two. Like the others, the cam works great in the Amcreast app. I’ve tried to add it to my Vera controller using my iPhone Vera app, and also with my PC via the Vera web site. I use the selection “IP Camera Other IP Camera” for the set up since no Amcrest cams are listed.

I select “Manually Install the camera (advanced).” Then “Other IP camera.” Then “Custom” when I enter the IP number, the Username and password. I then select “Test” and on my iPhone the screen from the webcam comes up and looks fine. But if I’m on my PC via the Vera web site, when I select “Test” I get a pop up screen which says “Sing in” and the URL: I enter my Vera User name and password and it doesn’t accept it. I enter my webcam user name and password and it doesn’t accept it. So using my PC via the Vera web site I’m stuck.

Back to the iphone set up. When I enter “Test”, I get the webcam picture! Great! But then I go to the next screen and it asks me to give this cam a name. I give it a name and hit done or finished (whatever it says). I’m thinking - it’s going to work! But no, immediately the Vera app shuts down and I’m back to my iPhone home screen. Does the same thing on my iPad, BTW.

I’m at a loss as to what to do. I have two cams working fine with Vera but when I try and add the third, same make and model, it will not let me add it.

Any ideas?