VeraMobile Thermostat functions

I’ve been trying to get myself off of VeraMate for a year now since its not being supported or enhanced but am frustrated at the basic thermostat functions that it has, that don’t exist in VeraMobile.

  1. I can switch the FAN setting between AUTO and ON in VeraMate but not VeraMobile
  2. I can see if the system is HEATING or COOLING in VeraMate but not in VeraMobile

There have been updates to to allow customizing the UI and that’s great, but is there anywhere to get on a list of suggested improvements for specific device types that are missing basic functions?

As an addendum to your feedback, I’d like once again to suggest that VeraMobile have added functionality that allows it to serve as a plug-in for Tasker, since that opens up a whole extra world of possibilities.

Imagine if Tasker (on Android phones) could react anyhow you please in response to the thermostat (or any device, really) reporting a change!

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