VeraMobile no longer available in Google Play store!

Welp, I decided to uninstall my VeraMobile app on my Android device because notifications were no longer working, despite all of the troubleshooting I did… Uninstalled the app, and now the app is no longer available in the Google Play store! Tried looking up the app from numerous devices and it is no longer listed…

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I was looking for the same here and you’re right, it’s not there anymore…

I don’t use Vera anymore, but tried to find it in my “not installed” library and it’s even gone from there, too! Wow

The VeraMobile app is temporarily out of the Play Store for Android devices. The team is already working to republish it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Following this

Any updates? I just replaced my phone. I’d like to be able to manually control through the app.


Try extracting the apk from your old phone and install on the new phone…the ability to do this is the main reason I keep using Android.

Should we interpret this as an indication that vera is over and done? Oh well, I truly enjoyed the vera and the community that grew around it…

Unfortunately, the app remains unpublished on the Android Play Store. The Android Team is working hard to get it back but it may take a few days. We truly apologize for the inconvenience our users may experience and highly appreciate your patience.
Kind regards!

Could it be a relationship between the VERA Mobile dissapeared of Playstore and the problem of not getting alerts on Android VERA Mobile app as discussed in the posts 134, 137, 139 and maybe following ones of 7.32 Vera Firmware - Beta Release - Company Talks / Official Announcements - Ezlo Community ?


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Vera Alerts plugin and app is nothing to do with the official Vera mobile app, as they are 3rd party solutions.

Luckily I found the app on a APK site, but this is really bad.
Please publish it on you own site if Play Store isn’t accepting it!!
You can’t let users struggle without an app this long!!!


Yes, I know, but the problem with both (Vera Alert and Vera Mobile) seems to be similar, so, might be same source of problem.

This is truly disappointing! Assuming I’m a new customer for Vera And I just bought a hub, it’s been more than 10 days that I can’t even install the official app to use the device I paid for?
No communications to the customers either to acknowledge the disaster, makes is even more unprofessional. Going back, I’d definitely picked up another hub. The only reason to chose Vera was the Control4 driver, and guess what, that’s not working with the new ezlo platform either!

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Apparently I was told, Google pulled the app due to some code change they flagged. Ezlo have since addressed the issue and have resubmitted the app for review and they are now waiting on Google to complete the review process.

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Looks like Vera/Ezlo support finally fixed everything. Vera Mobile is now back in the app store and I’m finally getting the push notifications again on my Samsung Galaxy. However, the notifications didn’t work until I uninstalled the app, restarted my phone, and then reinstalled the app. After that, everything has been smooth.

Same experience! Thanks for your information, Mark, indeed. I did the same steps and it works again.



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