VeraMobile for Android new tool for distributing Beta app - enrolment needed!

Hi all,

We’re currently experiencing delays with Google for the app approval due to the current COVID-19 situation:

We’ve come with a different tool called Firebase, that helps us to deliver to you the Beta apps faster.

Here is the steps you need to do to get the latest Android beta builds:

  1. Provide us your Google email in order to receive the invite here.

  2. Uninstall the current app.

  3. Open your invitation from the email in order to install the App Tester apk.


  4. When the installation is done, open the app and sign in with the same Google email you provided in step1.

  5. Select & download the Vera Mobile app.
    On completion the app will ask for permission to install an unknows app→ select Settings → Allow from this source

  6. Every time when a new app will be available the App Test will have a new build update inside.

Please complete the form linked in the step 1 if you want access to Android Beta builds.



Great solution! Could have saved us all a week or more by now, eh?

Looking forward to it. I’ve enrolled and will go follow all the steps now!

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I have signed up 3x
still don’t have the download link

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Hi @charettepa - today we’ve sent the invite for everyone that enrolled during the weekend (I see you enrolled on Friday night Europe time). You should have the invite in your inbox now.

Let me know if you haven’t received it.


I’ve signed up a few times too and haven’t received an invite.



So I was sent what is supposed to be v7.40.34 through wetransfer but I have no idea how to install it and I keep asking but no one will tell me.

It sent me a file called “android file” When I open it there is no apk file and no apparent way to install it on my phone.

I’ve signed up a few times too and haven’t received an invite.

I have also signed up twice but still no link.


After the form is completed the invites are manually sent, this is the reason of the delay. We added everyone that completed the form until now.

Hi, can I also get added?


Would be nice if you send out the link when your support suggest this as a solution for scene problems that I have…

Im tired of waiting…


Finally got round to trying to install, and it failed. I have the version released on playstore already installed, would that cause an issue?

Hi Tony,

In my experience you must remove the Google Play copy of the Vera app before you can install the Firebase version (other way around does work). At this moment the two versions are identical as far as I can tell.

Cheers Rene

@Ioana - I’ve noticed a couple things I thought might make sense to provide feedback on.

I probably missed this from before, but is there a particular place that you would like us to log issues, bugs, features so that we can provide feedback in an organized manner?

Hi @magicCashew,

You can provide feedback for the Ezlo Atom 2 & Ezlo PlugHub 2 here and for the Ezlo Plus here.