VeraMobile dashboard configuration

Maybe I am missing something, but can I have more items on the main screen in devices? Smaller icons maybe? I use VeraMate, and I can have much more information on one screen without having to scroll. The app is not bad, but it does not have the usability that VeraMate does. I like to be able to open the app and see the things I need in one screen.

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I am the same I was not able to customise the main screen. This is a main reason I am using ImperiHome.

I am going to check that out.

@melih … are you listening?

Excellent suggestion. When my wife and I upgraded to iPhone XR’s, we lost our VeraMate, and we miss it terribly.

we are launching fully customizable dashboard very soon…
you can do landscape, portrait, custom background for the dashboard as well as for the tiles etc…

So yes, we are listening!


To clarify the new dashboard will only work for the new Linux based controller/UI?

Hi @melih

It’s good to know you are listening, and I certainly understand everyone will have their “thing” that is important to them.

My “thing” is fast access to info/devices on the mobile app. VeraMate, as you can see, allowed you to see things like “active lights.” That’s a small thing, but you could set what items would be shown as an active lights, and one press opened control of all of those lights. One glance/click gives you the information/control needed without swiping around. (Obviously density of devices plays a part too)

I would humbly suggest crawling around the VeraMate app a little bit. Lots of methodology that could prove useful.



I would love new Vera app to look like below :slight_smile:

Sadly IH is dies not able to connect to Netatmo.

I am looking for replacement. Remember about cool future when my door bell is triggered the page change to front door camera and goes back to main screen automatically.

I think you will like what we’ll deliver very shortly!

Can’t wait. I am about to leave my current 8-4 job and work on Home Automation for living :wink:

We have something better coming soon and I would like to give a sneak peek of the new dashboard app right here;

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Will it be better than Imperihome? :grin:

If it has the functionality of Imperihome currently and then some, I’ll be a very happy new Ezlo customer.


Is there a new dashboard app?

Not yet they are still building it.

The screen shot above if you are referring to that, is called Dashboard Pro and can be turned on in the Vera app Dashboard settings.

However that’s not the dashboard app they are currently building.

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