VeraMobile Beta Version 3.54(13)

I was editing an existing scene for a Vera Plus. The UI has two issues first, the lower Green “Done” button doesn’t work and the UI isn’t accurate depicting the device I am trying to add. It shows the light as off in the scene on the “Actions” page but when you select “Actions” it shows the light as on.

Sometimes a device shows as “Can’t Detect Device” on the UI and other times the UI doesn’t show it even though I know it can’t detect the device since it unplugged. It should be consistent and until a device is scene again, it should stay in the “Can’t Detect Device” state. I suspect it is just checking every once in awhile instead of locking the last state. In addition, some of these Can’t Detected Devices shows the device as on and other times off. I am not sure how that works. Maybe the last time it saw the device, it was On or Off.

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