VeraMate with Harmony Hub


I installed Harmony Hub today and config to Vera via Harmony Hub Control plugin.
The plugin works well with Vera, and I can control the IR devices from the gui with the buttons I configured (attached pic1).
The devices appear in the Vera Mate app, but with on/off buttons (not responding) instead of the buttons I set (attached pic2).

I will really appreciate any help.

Did you ever get this working? I also have the Harmony running with Vera, but not on VeraMate.


To get a plug in to work on an app, the app developer must add it. There is nothing me as a plug in developer can do about that. So you can ask with VeraMate and they can contact me if they need to. To have some functionality in apps I mimic a standard on/off button. that should work on the main device to turn everything off, or to start a activity you configure. However, this does not seem to work on all apps. Initially it did on the Vera app, but not anymore. It works on AuthomationHD, but not Imperihome what I can test.

Cheers Rene

Hey man,

Eventually I did number of Scenes and I pulled them to VeraMate.

Scenes with Activity - check the id of activitys in the main Harmony Control “Current Activity ID” after running activity.
Scenes with devices - name of “Device Command mappings” that u Configured

Hope it was helpful,