VeraMate takes ages to load after upgrade to ui7

Ok, so I had to upgrade to ui7 a couple of months ago because I reset my philips hue bridge and could not connect it anymore to UI5. Not my first choice since my vera3 was working very well for 5 years without problems.

But ever since I did the upgrade VeraMate almost takes a minute to load on my iPhone X. When I open the app first all my tiles disappear from veramate and I am left with a blank screen. Then after a minute or so they return. Not very convenient when I want to turn on a light or something.

Has anyone had this before? Is it possible this has to do with the new login method in ui7?
Hope someone can help.

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This seems to be a VeraMate on a newer iPhone problem, rather than being specific to UI7. A number of other people are having similar issues do a forum search). Unfortunately, the developer does not seem to be very active.

Maybe the Veramate worked out…no support, no developer,…:frowning:

Get the regular VeraMate from the App Store. I just discovered that it works with iOS 12.


The latest update gets rid of the last NCG delay and is iOS 12 compatible!

Kudos to the developer !!!