VeraMate Premium Upgrades


As SimpleWave for iPhone is no longer being supported, I’m planning on moving over to VeraMate after checking it out for a time via the free version and I’d obviously like to upgrade to the premium to take advantage of all its features.

I see there are two premium package versions: Upgrade 1 without Apple Watch and Upgrade 2 with Apple Watch. As I’m planning on getting an Apple Watch at some point in the future, I was obviously leaning towards Upgrade #2. That premium upgrade package would still allow me to have the premium version of VeraMate on my iPhone as well, correct? If I have two instances of the VeraMate app for iOS devices, would I need to purchase the premium upgrade again for the second device? Thanks!

That’s correct - the premium with watch option will be the same as without the watch as far as all the premium options are applied.

Once you have selected either option 1 or 2, no premium upgrades will be available, which I think answers your other question. Though if you select the option without the watch upgrade, the watch upgrade will still be available separately afterwards.

I have VeraMate Premium, and if I go into settings (gear icon) > More > Featured, I can purchase the Apple Watch Upgrade option for 99 cents.
(I can also purchase the ‘Rooms and Zones Icons’ for $1.99.)

Great! Thanks for the clarification!