VeraMate Plugin Development Question

I have a technical question; UI7.

When developing a plugin for Vera, I notice that if I put objects into a 2nd control group, i.e.


In my S_MyPlugin.json file, that those items are ignored and not displayed in Vera Mate. All of the objects that I place in "ControlGroup": 1 (These are input boxes and text only) are displayed on a tap of the device in the app? I?m using the SecuritySensor1 paradigm, the app displays my icons well.

So, I am trying to clean up the Vera UI7 to move the text inputs to the control page like the attached…

The only way I know to do that is to create the 2nd control group, but alas then it becomes not visible in VeraMate.

Could anyone offer up some advice? I?ve attached the JSON in case anyone had a moment to review.