VeraMate on Apple Watch 4

Just got a Gen 4 Apple Watch but can’t get the Vera app working reliably on it (worked once but now just says “Connecting to your controller”).

So despite the limited VeraMate support lately, and since I already had VeraMate Premium, I decided to purchase the VeraMate AppleWatch extension. After making the purchase I was able to set up the “Apple Watch Layout” in the VeraMate app on my iPhone. However, I’m still not seeing the VeraMate app in my iPhone’s Watch app nor on the watch itself. I’ve tried restarting the apps and a hard reset on the iPhone, as well as cycling power on the watch.

Anyone have any ideas how to get this working?



Starting in this watchOS, apple only allows apps that can be fully run without an iPhone ( as opposed to being dependent on the phone for access) as of a couple months ago, VeraMate did not update their app to comply with this. So it won?t even show up on the watch. I did have some leftover apps in mine when I updated to the latest watchOS. The were listed at the very bottom of the app list as a category of unavailable apps or something like that.

I?m afraid you are out of luck with getting the app to work.

This is SO frustrating? Is there any Vera app that will work on the watch (other than Vera’s own app?) I would use Vera’s own app, but it won’t run scenes, which is absurd.

VeraMobile iOS Apple Watch now supports running scenes in the latest Beta. Public version coming by the end of the week.,120326.0.html