Veramate not the same after IOS 11 update

I updated to IOS 11 and now my icons for ARM and DISARM devices are not working.

VeraMate is not very active and it may be a while before he fixes any iOS update issues. I seem to recall a post saying he was tied up in a big project.

In the meantime, have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app? It means setting up again, which is a pain.

Another option maybe to delete the icon and add it back in. That has worked for me before.

I noticed tonight a Veramate update to support iOS 11 was published today. So I updated to iOS 11 and Veramate is still working fine.

I did the IOS 11 update to Veramate and most things are cured but not all. It’s use-able again but I’m going to downgrade back to IOS 10 until the Iphone X is available.

If you post the specifics here, Veramate can address them eventually.

I upgraded today and noticed I now have a permanent blue banner at the top of my iPhone screen warning me that VeraMate is ?actively using? my location. Even though I know this and want it to happen. I submitted a support ticket ?

read here about Veramate using location all the time. It is more an ios11 issue.

Thanks. If the devs can add an option in settings to ?always? poll location info rather than limit to only when using the app, we can choose this option and the blue banner will go away. At least, that?s what happens with google maps.

Would love to have an update on where we stand with Veramate. My veramate will not load now on the ios 11.03

I also have an issue with VeraMate since upgrading to IOS 11. The app appears to launch and I see the splash screen but then it closes. One of my other phones that also has IOS 11 works fine though…


I have iOS 11.0.3 and VeraMate Premium. No issues.

I recall years ago having some issues. Uninstalled and reinstalled VeraMate to fix it. This is rash since you loose your customized screens.

Otherwise, I do not have any suggestions except contacting VeraMate support on the app.

I too am experiencing an issue with my icons. Prior to my update to iOS 11 I had three different icons for my door/window sensors. A green shield for my sensors in the “safe” state, a yellow shield for “safe arm” and a red shield for “triggered” and “triggered arm”. Now however after updating to iOS 11, with the same icon configuration, I no longer get the yellow shield icon to show for the “safe arm” state. Instead, I get the green shield icon with the word “armed” next to it. I liked the quick visual of the yellow icon since it let me know at a glance that the sensors are in the “armed” state.

Any fix for this??

The only thing I would suggest is remove the button and re-add it. I have had to do this from time to time for various reasons.

I am seeing a startup of the iOS app of around 30 seconds. I?m using an iPhone X with iOS 11.1.2. When I click the VeraMate icon, the lower 7/8 of the screen turns white. Half a minute later, the app behaves normally.

I have a 6 and just updated from 11.1.1 to 11.1.2 - still works the same. Maybe it is an X issue.

That was the first thing I tried to do was remove the button and re-add it. It still has the same issue where my sensor states aren’t being displayed properly. And these were ALL working perfectly pre-iOS 11. I have an iPhone 8 so this isn’t necessarily an iPhone X issue rather I think something with the updated OS is interfering with the icon state changes.

VeraMate: Are you still able to work on this app at all and address any of these iOS 11 issues (icon state changes, geo-fencing, google drive backup…)? I know you’re a busy guy but I feel like none of us have heard from you in quite sometime now…

iPhone X w/ 11.1.2 - app crashes after the splash screen 100% of the time. Can’t get to buttons/scenes/anything.

I have an iPhone 6 and the geofencing is so slow it is unusable. It worked perfectly before IOS 11. My wife didn’t upgrade her 6 and her geofencing still works as it always has. The problem therefore is with IOS 11 (or VeraMate’s use of it).

The main reason I use VeraMate is because of the geofencing. My wife and I like Vera to behave differently when one of us is home and not the other. You don’t have that flexibility with Vera’s app, but VeraMate supports individual geofence alerts.

If I can find a way with luup code to identify which phone is at home, I’ll drop VeraMate and use the Vera app. I’m sure there is a way to do this. I just don’t have the time to research it.

I have been using iPhone Locator for years. Geofencing, whether on VeraMate or Vera Mobile, never worked for me very well.

I use VeraMate to monitor Vera since I am able to program it to display just what I want, including virtual switches that only display when on or off, depending on what I want the switch to say (like display when either one is home and not when either of us is away, and display when No One Is Home and when Camera’s are armed but otherwise the switch is not displayed).