VERAMATE is back in the apple app store!

It’s been gone for a year or two, but now it’s back! Download it QUICK in case it goes away again.

In my opinion, nothing comes close to this app if you have a Vera Controller.

Unlike the Vera Mobile app, there is

  1. NO SCROLLING! You can control LOTS of devices and room without the endless scrolling of Vera. Tap on a room, and instantly, the room’s devices fill the screen!

  2. HIDE BUTTONS. Unlike Vera which shows you everything (that only an installer would love) you can clean up your rooms and hide anything that isn’t really a device.

  3. CHANGE ICONS. Now your water heater doesn’t have to look like a light bulb.

  4. ADJUST THERMOSTATS MUCH EASIER! Separate scroll wheels for heat and cool settings.


Right now, only VERAMATE FREE is available for iPhone and iPad. The upgrade to Pro is not working so really big installations will be handcuffed.

I am hoping that in time VERAMATE will regain full functionality. It really is the BEST Vera Mobile interface out there.

I am so happy I can’t believe it. I may even stay in the Vera community for another 10 years!

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Hmm never used this app and went from Imperihome to HomeRemote. With HR you can do very very much, but the learning curve is high and the look and feel is like IH or Veramate.

Going to try Veramate, already saw they have it working for Apple watch, but I guess you ned the pro version for that.

Just now (6/20/21 @ 8:33 PM MDT) went to the App Store on my iPhone and VERAMATE does not show up. Rats!