VeraMate for Pebble/ Pebble Time watch

I readed the Apple watch topic!
That is great, but cca. 1 million peoples using Pebble watch all over the world.
My opinion the Pebble Time watch will the favorit :slight_smile:
In the future maybe some idea for Pebble?

There is a Pebble app called VeraScenes I believe. It only does scenes though, not individual switches. I’d love to see a solution for operating individual devices. The only other option is an application that makes Http requests. I’ve downloaded it but have not set it up yet.

And, unfortunatedly, it only works with ui5.

I use VeraScenes on my Pebble. It works well, but RHINESEL is right, it only works with scenes (and UI5). I would love to see a VeraMate pebble app!

I do love being able to put my garage door up with my watch 8)

I would love to, but realistically unlikely as I won’t be able to utilise the code I already have for the iPhone.

I did get the very first pebble as I was planning to do it when they came out, so, I may look into it at some point… :slight_smile:

Yes, i know this is a big feauture…
Now i’m using the Pebble with SmartWatch+ (iphone app). In this app have a https post only.
Under Vera UI5 can direct http post and request method.