VeraMate Dead And Gone For Good? :(

I’ve been using VeraMate for at least several years now. I’ve known the developer had seemingly disappeared but even though new features weren’t being added I was still able to utilize the mobile app as-is on my iPhone without any issues.

Low and behold I get a new iPhone 11 Pro and upon restoring my backup I get the dreaded message that the VeraMate app is no longer available in the Apple Store so I now have no Vera mobile app to use now. VeraMate was literally the only app that made every plugin I have installed for use with Vera “useable” (iPhone locator app isn’t functional at all in the official Vera Mobile app for example) and was the best Vera mobile app I had ever used as far as customization and looks went.

What happened to the developer of VeraMate that he just up and disappeared without so much as a message to all the apps users that he would no longer support development? What are current users of VeraMate going to migrate to now that the app is no longer present in the Apple Store??

It was a great app. Having said that the new Vera app is shaping up to be even better.

We are working on a really special project that will make the official Vera app more user friendly.
Do you want to be part of our beta testers community?
We are very excited to hear your features ideas and receive feedback to improve our app

iOS Team Lead @ eZLO


I would definitely like to be a part of beta testing any improvements to the official Vera app Adina. I do use the app now as there aren’t really many viable options, but I have a ton of suggestions on how to make the app more user friendly and functional for Vera users.

Please let me know how I can be a part of the project.


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Send me your email address in a private message an I will send you an invite on TestFlight

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Adina and her team even put a siri shortcut capability…
now I can say “Hey Siri Lights off” and it runs a scene for me…


Hopefully soon we’re able to directly control the devices without scenes.

my workaround for that was to create a scene for a device :slight_smile:

roughly 40 devices, a scene for each device to turn on and a scene to turn each device on im looking at about 80 scenes :sweat_smile:

oh great, not even 100 :slight_smile:

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My wife discovered a similar issue trying to download VeraMate. I am fortunate VeraMate is still working for me. But I think we can defiantly bury VeraMate since there has not been a heartbeat in months and the body is stone cold.

The current mobile app is her only choice to look at cameras when she get notifications.

I use HomeWave. But it is not free unfortunately

Yes, I would like to be part of your beta test team for the Vera app. Please advise how to be part of the team.


Send me your email in a private message and I will send you an invite on TestFlight

It is a one time purchase and well worth it. I think it is actually worth more than its price.
The ability to by-pass the mios servers by going direct alone is worth it. It is also much more configurable…

The same thing happened to me. I was using VeraMate for a few years. I loved the app. It worked awesome. Responsiveness was great in the past. I upgraded to iPhone 11 Pro Max and can no longer use the app. I was pretty disappointed at first, but have been getting use to the native Vera app and imo it is starting to become a pretty great app.

Yes, I would like to be part of your beta test team for the Vera app.

Send me your email on a private message and I will add you on our TestFlight group

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I too miss the VeraMate app, but I’m happy seeing the improvements in the new Vera beta app.