VeraMate Alerts & Geofencing?

Is there still no hope of ever getting push alerts working again with VeraMate? What about geofencing? Has anyone seen the developer of VeraMate active…anywhere???

I’m utilizing the iPhone Locator plugin in conjunction with Prowl to utilize geofencing for my scenes and to push my VeraMate alerts to my iPhone but it’s so annoying having to utilize a separate plugin for geofencing and a separate app to push the alerts from my Vera Edge when I used to have a single app (VeraMate) that could do it all… ::sigh::

I have not seen the VeraMate developer since he fixed the iOS update problem - 2 years ago now? I am using Pushover and frankly, I like it much better than VeraMate, even if it means 2 apps on my phone.

I have not had any luck with geofencing over the years - both VeraMate and the Vera Mobile apps. I have been very satisfied with iPhone Locator for many years now. In fact, with PLEG, when both iPhones are over 100 miles away, Vera sets house mode to Vacation. I am not sure how this would work with geofencing.