VeraLite w/ latest firmware not working w/ Vera android app?

I have a VeraLite with latest firmware (1.7.481-en UI7) not working with the latest Vera android app… It had been working fine up until about 2 weeks ago, there was a new firmware and a new android app released at about the same time, and after that when i try to connect, it just spins forever. Doesn’t matter if I’m on the home network or not (security enabled and disabled, makes no difference). If I try to log in through Login it sometimes times out and when it does work it takes quite a long time to find a proxy.

Is this a known issue that is being fixed? Are others seeing this as well?

Also, seems like’s SSL cert is messed up, and if you try to go the you get a default page from the hosting company… seems a little fly-by-night ish…

Anyone have a download link for the previous stable version of VeraLite firmware (▾-version-7-0-2-1-7-439-▾-nov-11-2014)?

I’m guessing the issue is on the proxy backend and out of my hands, but willing to try a firmware downgrade to see if that’s the problem.

I’m being routed through in the web UI, wich logs in, but then just loads blank except for the vera logo and a welcome message at the top.

figured it out, it’s just the beta URL path, with the version changed:

is there a forum that doesn’t need approval for posts? real put-off on trying to get help around here… as is the fact that in all likelihood Newton’s apple was a myth. He used logic and reason to “prove” his theory of gravity.


1.7.481 is a bad build for VeraLite! If you can’t log in use the downgrade link, it fixed me up.

Now we just have to wait for this post to get approved by someone so others can benefit… again, is their some other forum that is more responsive?

I may have spoken too fast, today things are quite slow to log in (about a minute to load up, and one time didn’t load at all). So maybe it’s just that I got lucky with the backend servers last night after the down grade.

I have a fully secure connection to my home router via OpenVPN, wish the app would allow a direct connection and not always have to run through some proxy server that seems to be slow / non-functional at times :-\

Ah! And now I can post without approval, guess that’s just an initial account creation restriction, sorry for the previous complaints.