Veralite slow so upgrade to Vera3?

I would like to improve the overall performance of my 3 x Veralite systems UI5 at home. The first two Veralite systems already configured over 70 devices, 80 scenes and 5-10 Plugins. The performance is not quite good. Giving you a feeling, my third Veralite system only configured less than 10 devices, 10 scenes and only a few Plugins. When I load the dashboard within LAN, it only needs less than 5 seconds. For the first two Veralite systems, the dashboard loading time is required more than 15 seconds. I think I should migrate Veralite to Vera 3 due to more memory which can perform faster. Is it correct? Can I see the loading time can be improved with less than 10 seconds at the end? Will Vera have a new version coming later? Is Vera 3 still a good choice? Look forward to seeing your advice. Thanks.

I decided to buy Vera 3 for test to see if it can simply improve the performance. If not good, I will move some devices/scenes to other Veralite anyway.

There schould soon be released new veras. I would wait for it.