VeraLite runing without WiFi router

I’m new this so bear with me if this is a stupid question. Assuming I have VeraLite all setup to switch on and off the lights at the set time or have Vacation Ghost installed, will it run by itself without connecting it to the WiFi router?


It’s easiest to connect Veralite by RJ45 connection to a router. You interact with Veralite through a MCV web page (


Vera Lite has no built in WiFi, it utilizes a cabled ethernet(RJ45) connection.

Vera Lite is setup and configured through a web browser, so it must be connected to the Local Area Network(LAN) at a minimum, but it has more features and works better if it has an internet connection. The internet connection allows for keeping time, remote access, automatic backups and more.

Vera Lite can operate on its own without the ethernet LAN connection and/or the internet connection. However, it will not work well. Over time, the clock will drift and scheduled scenes and events will occur at unexpected times. Naturally, there will be no backups or notifications during this period of disconnection. Other oddities or slowness will also develop if the Vera Lite remains disconnected from the LAN and internet for days on end.

Vera Lite works best and as intended when it has a LAN and internet connection.