VeraLite problems with routing


I just got my VeraLite with a few components and my routing did not work properly. I removed everything and only installed 4 Fibaro wall plugs.
I tried repairing multiple times and got the following errors:
-“Unable to get any information on node”
-“Failed getting name”

2 of the nodes have no walls betweens the VeraLite (distance is approx. 5m and 15m). The other two, are about 15 meters from the VeraLite with walls in between, but have direct contact with the other plugs. I also tried Vera routing but no luck.

Is there anything else I can do before returning my unit?

Leave it alone overnight and let the heal go through and see what happens. When you included the devices did you use full strength which can make a difference.

Hi there,

If you do a repair/heal make sure you uncheck the box “Re-configure all the devices when done.” because if you don’t have the devices near the Vera unit when you do this, you will get those errors.

I suggest to either restore a backup that you know it was working and had most of the devices paired with Vera, or exclude them all and reinclude them, and when you do the repair make sure you uncheck “Re-configure all the devices when done.”

If you still have issues, please enable tech support and send us a trouble ticket from the unit.


I tried healing and unchecked re-configure. Still it appears that only the “close ones work”

Anything else I can try?


Can you please enable tech support and send us a trouble ticket from the unit ?

To enable tech support please go to the Account tab from the dashboard and then go to the Tech support tab. Here you will find a “Enable it” button.

And complete the form for the trouble ticket.

After you do this, i will be able to connect to your Vera and try to troubleshoot it.


Done that…