VeraLite orange Z-Wave light randomly turns off

I’ve been getting this a lot lately. Maybe once a week. I usually notice a device isn’t responding or I can’t login to my Vera remotely. When I check Vera, the orange status light is off. Power and LAN are fine. From a PC I can ping Vera but I can’t remote in.

Power cycling always fixes it but by the time I can log in again, the logs have rolled over so I have no idea what’s caused it.

I’m careful with memory and this is all good. I also restart the device daily on a schedule.

I’m on the latest Ui7 firmware.

Any ideas how I can diagnose the problem please? I’m often lost when trying to work out why things like this happen and this time, I’d really like to get to the bottom of it.

Any advice appreciated…


Without more information, we can only guess. Perhaps, the Z-Wave chip is dieing. Perhaps it’s due to sun spots. :slight_smile:

I would recommend setting up USB logging, so that your logs are not lost on reboot, and then see if there is anything useful that can be used to determine the cause.

Or, you could call support and let them do it for you.

OK, thanks. I tried USB logging before but I think it caused other problems.

In the meantime, I wonder if there’s a way to poll the status of my Z-Wave network via a scene and force a reboot if its down? At least this way i wouldn’t need to wait till i got home from work to bring my system back online. Would this even work given what I’m experiencing? Anyone here doing something like this that’s willing to share details?

Well, I’ve successfully setup USB logging now but the log tells me nothing as to the cause. When Z-Wave comms are lost, there’s no log entries until the device is restarted.

It’s really hard to investigate problems like this on Vera :frowning:

With no further information, I don;t see what anyone here can do.

I’d again recommend opening a support call with Vera.

Believe me, more information is what I’m trying to establish.

I will raise a support ticket but am wondering, apart from the log, which in this case is useless, where else could I look to establish root cause myself, or is this just not possible?

I’ve seen this on both my Vera’s… (The first one died). I assumed it was normal… I hope my second one isn’t on the way out!

I’m quite sure it’s possible to figure out whats wrong. But, I’m afraid that I don’t have the answers for you.

Both VeraLite’s?

Yes I’ve seen on my old one (which was unstable from first use and became corrupt) and my latest unit which I haven’t used much yet.

Weird, I just happened to notice the same thing today (although came here to post about a different issue). I just happened to look over where my Vera is sitting and noticed the orange light wasn’t on. I am able to log in and everything seems to be responding, though. I did reboot it and it came on and stayed on, and then when I looked at it again a bit later it was off again. I figured it was related to my other post about trying to get the HA09 remote working, but maybe it’s a separate issue.