VeraLite -- Login then Connect to controller "Connecting Through Relay" Fails

When I login to my user account at and click Connect for my VeraLite controller, I get these message on the web page:

  • “Checking Connection…”
  • “Trying Direct Connection…”
  • “Connecting Through Relay…”

…then it gives me a blank page with a spinning green circle at this URL:
(I’ve masked my actual PK_Device and ReturnUrl)

It never connects through the relay. Just sits there and spins and spins.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Different web browser, Firefox, Edge, Brave
  • Logout, Login to my user account on
  • Delete my VeraLite controller at and then re-add it
  • Reboot my VeraLite controller (many times)
  • Assign a new static IP for my VeraLite controller in my router
  • Assign a dynamic IP for my VeraLite controller in my router

I can only access my controller by local LAN IP address. It will not connect through the relay and I cannot Login so I can make changes to the “Users & Account Info” section.

Please advise.

Found the workaround:

(both Edge and Brave are Chromium based so have mostly the same settings)

search for “insecure”
change “Block insecure private network requests.” to Disabled

search for “insecure”
change “Block insecure private network requests.” to Disabled

By no means is this a solution as it requires making the web browser less secure.

Will there be a fix to this?

Using the old Internet Explorer (Start >> Run >> iexplore.exe) seems to work fine, as it doesn’t seem to have the “Block insecure private network requests” flag setting.

Hi @scottkeen we’re glad to know that you were able to make the remote connection work. At the moment the workaround that you used is the only solution there is to that problem; however, I’ll investigate more on this issue and will let you know if I’m able to find any other useful information about it.

Considering the fact that you have known about this fir almost a yeat, I would not hold my breath waiting for a fix. The only thing that has “saved” you is that chrome still supports the flag.