veralite can't connect to the internet

hi, so i finally got my veralite, and when i plug it to my router (dlink 825) at the first time it connect to the internet and everything works ok, but when i plug out the power and the cable from the veralite to pair some devices, and then connect the power and the cable to the veralite, it seems that the veralite cannot connect to the internet (i don’t know why) and the light is blinking.

to fix this i always connect the cable from the veralite (wan) to the computer, set the ipaddress and the getway of the veralite in network and sharing center and then connect to the vera locally and make a reset. then when i plug the veralite to the router, it seems to work and get an internet connection, but it works until the next time i plug out the veralite, and when i plug the veralite into the router again it does not want to connect to the internet.

so now i want to set the veralite to a static ip (does it will fix my problem?) and if it does, so how can the veralite can be with a static ip? should i just change things on the vera or also in my router (dlink 825) in order the veralite to get a stable internet connection?

Just make a static reservation in your router … So every time it connects it will get the same address.

great idea, but in order to to this i need the mac address, where can i find it ?

ok i found the mac address under the veralite, set the dhcp reservation on my router like this:
name: veralite
and the mac address.

now what setting i need to do in the veralite under net & wifi?