Veralite and GE 45600 Remote

I know this topic has been hashed and re-hashed numerous times on the forum but please forgive this noob for bringing it up again.

I have just acquired a Veralite and four GE 45600 remotes. My plan is to use the remotes for simple light control throughout the house as I had with my X10 system. The Veralite will be my primary controller for lighting, locks, security, camera, etc., locally and remotely

I got the Veralite up and controlling several lamp switches locally and remotely using my android phone. But how do I get my remotes set up to work the lights?

Is there a set of step by step instruction anywhere (in plain English) leading me to the “promise land”?

If not, what are my alternatives?


Fr. John

  1. After your devices have been included into your Vera, copy the Z-Wave network from your Vera to your 45600.
    In the Vera UI5 go to Devices -> Add devices -> For battery operated handheld remotes and scene controllers you have 2 options: -> Add one.

Then follow the instructions in the 45600 manual to receive a Z-Wave network.

  1. Following the 45600 manual, add each desired device to the button of your choice.

  2. Forget about activating Vera scenes with the 45600. You will only be able to directly control devices with the 45600. You can create “scenes”(groupings would be a better word) within the 45600 itself, but Vera will not be aware of them.

I think that most 45600 controllers can activate scenes in Vera. Mine certainly does. There did seem to be two versions of the 45600, one that did allow individual light control, and one that did not.

You can activate scenes with a 45600. Unfortunately only the On part of the On/Off buttons work. The Off part is not working. So you cannot assign scene ‘light xxx On’ to button 1 On and scene ‘light xxx Off’ to button 1 Off. Youd’ have to assign it to eg button 2 On. Which sucks as that means you only get 9 buttons for scenes

…with the caveat that the scene OFF button is under the control of the remote itself and signals all lights assigned to that scene to turn off, like the Intermatic HA07. At least that’s the way mine works, but the different versions of the remote might behave differently in this regard as well.