VeraLite accessing youtube and chromecast? (1.7.1040)

I have a VeraLite running the latest stable release for VeraLite, version 1.7.1040.

My firewall (Firewalla Gold) is currently set to block any

  • Gaming
  • Social
  • Video
  • Ads
  • Porn
  • Safe Search (on)
    from the VeraLite unit, and from the history, it has blocked almost 14k out of the last 15k connections from the Vera, which has me worried.

The top-5 list is:

I know that Chromecast Home is the home for ChromeCast, so much of this might be related to that; though, I’m not sure why my Mios would try to access that? Maybe it’s a feature I’m not aware of? But Youtube strikes me as very very odd. Why is it trying to access YouTube??

Here’s a screenshot of the whole block list.

Appreciate any help or insights!

These are the plugins I have installed on the VeraLite:

Hi @mstormolsen - did you get to the bottom of this? With YouTube being Google owned it could all be related to messages chromecast sends out that Vera is responding to (upnp) ?