Veral mobile android doesn't log in, despite login password

Any one knows what to do?
I cleared the cache of the application, even deinstalled it.
Once launched the application is asking my login and password. EXACTLY the same as on the pc web gui. But I’m not passed through to the location switcher (have to houses). Remains in the login screen, giving wrong password error (but I’m using a password manager and on the pc this functions. After a while the screen is switching to an empty location screen.
So can’t use vera mobile…
Best regards, Olivier

No I did not find the solution. I think it is tcp/ip related, happened in the same period as another Vera quirk. When logging on the webinterface the error appears. ‘too many retries… Blabla.’ I think it is the same problem, for which there are also topics but no solutions. For the moment, it does not occur anymore, so I cross my fingers! Olivier

Hello @OlivierToebosch
We would like to know if you have already submitted a ticket request through
If so, please let us know what’s your ticket number and our tech support team will kindly assist you.

Hello Valentina, as it doesn’t happen anymore, I don’t think it makes sense. but…the error occured in the past too. you’ll find traces of it on the old forum (search for ’ WTF. Too many login attempts). It comes and goes without changig login or password. and on the mobile, you just must be patient, next time you try login en password are not asked (so it knows!). best regards Olivier

Could you please let us know if the issue only occurred while using the Android App or also the iOS mobile App?

Your feedback is very important to us.

I only own an android phone…

Hey guys,

There is a website that you have to log into with a username and password however, if you know the ip address you’re in it locally with no steps of authentication of logging into the Veralite. That is concerning in my concern.

Best wishes,