VeraEdge wifi setup how to,hard rest

I did experience a challenge with regards to vera edge and home network and wifi.

Symptom: work laptop would not connect to internet but did associate with router wireless and vera wireless. It would work with net work cable

I did observe “unknown network” icon show up when I connect as well wired). Laptop worked fine previous to vera on home network (DHCP added mac address to table for IP reservations)…

I was able use laptop and with for both IPhone tethering and 4G modem but not on homework…rebooted vera, router laptop etc did some connectivity but ultimate only on LAN no internet.I checked IPconfig/renew etc I did notice that gateway was vs of E3200…(laptop configured to automatically take automatically accept IP and private IP address)

I eventually signed into vera, for network I went advanced set IP static (based on DCHP reservation of router)then turned off DHCP server on vera where I seen gateway as (I think it was .1 might be wrong)

Can you please let us know how to hard reset? (Procedure)
Facing similar issue, can feel the hard reset button press but cannot seem to get the vera edge to reset.

[quote=“JS007, post:13, topic:185058”]from that link you gave,9949.msg73958.html#msg73958

that is what I would recommend as well if your not able to reset

Connect your computer directly to Vera. If Vera doesn’t give it an IP address, set your computer to use these network settings:

IP address:

Now you should be able to access Vera on

except in your case the vera probably has IP : (first IP in the DHCP Server range)(my assumption is you unchecked firewall, but still have dhcp checked)

can run that app above when connected to vera to find IP once your in same network range

you said you could still connect to wifi, possible would work while on wifi too, if the vera got the first ip, other wise is one of the IP’s between 100 and 150

did the vera give your laptop\pc a ip, if so was it a .81. ip?

remember, your wifi when connected to vera will have no internet access right now, only intranet access, so outside web pages like getvera will not work[/quote]

Thanks! My VeraEdge must have been used even though I bought it as New In Box, all stickers were still on it too. The wifi password was different than the sticker and I was having some strange issues. It also did not come with a manual (don’t know if that’s normal). Thanks to your post I connected to it, saw the wifi password was different, updated the firmware and am starting from scratch as it should have been. Does a manual exist for this controller? Pdf maybe? Having a hard time finding instructions for this controller, which is worrisome.

[quote=“sakettawde, post:22, topic:185058”]Can you please let us know how to hard reset? (Procedure)
Facing similar issue, can feel the hard reset button press but cannot seem to get the vera edge to reset.[/quote]

plug the vera in, let it run for a few seconds, hold the reset for 30 seconds, release, wait about 15 min… should then be back to default

I just began rolling over from Vera 3 to Edge yesterday, thought I could set up my Edge to connect to the internet via my router wireless connection. The problem I’m running into is that I’m unable to get the “Net & Wi-fi”=> “Through a wi-fi access point” option to work properly. I’m able to scan and see my available networks, I choose my primary access (WPA2), enter the appropriate passphrase and select “Pick”. I immediately get a message “Please wait for the page to show Done”. I select “OK” I then get “The webpage cannot be found”. Am I missing something? any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. Mike

Why does the “hard reset” takes so long?