VeraEdge UI7 DSC 1832 plugin Issues

Hello. I have recently entered the realm of home automation and purchased the DSC 1832 with the EVL-3DS as recommended on some other forum pages I’ve seen here. I’m very happy with my choices. My issue is, after adding the DSC add-in into the VERA, I can see all the devices, but I can’t change the EnableRemoteArm variable to allow the panel to remotely arm and disarm the system. The VERA always reverts back to “false” and won’t save anything I put in the box. Anyone else have this issue and know how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.

I recently got my system up and running after it was been not working for months due to renovations and I am having the same issue. did you ever find a solution?

You could force an update using variable set command in your browser


Change the bold to match your data.