VeraEdge downgrade from Linux

How do I downgrade from Linux firmware without a backup file?

Hi @BradIHT,
You can access your controller through the API tool and send the call below to downgrade your VeraEdge from Linux firmware to Vera:

    "id": "_ID_",
    "method": "hub.firmware.luup.switch",
    "params": {} 

Do not unplug the controller from the internet or the power after that. The process may take up to 2 hours. If you have any inconvenience, feel free to let us know at
Kind regards!

Thanks, Oscar.

When I log into the API tool, I get a “Something went wrong” message, and there’s nothing in the connection drop-down.

Can I send the JSON query locally somehow?

Hello @BradIHT,
I would recommend logging out and then back into the account or trying a different browser. Usually, that fixes that error message.
However, we tried to downgrade the controller to Vera firmware from our side and didn’t succeed, we will need to do a remote session to do this procedure. Please continue the support ticket you have with us already to schedule it.
Kind regards!