VeraEdge datamine2 USB not seen

Ok, I searched the forum, downloaded the manual, but I am still unable to let datamine see my USB stick.

What has been done/is working (or not):

  • I created /dataMine in the root and am able to mount it by hand. Touching a file here saves in on the USB stick.
  • I didn’t let vera format it to use it for logging
  • The manual is saying to set some variables:
    SetDataDirectory left it as deafult /dataMine/
    SetMountPoint to “/dev/sda1”. But I am unable to change it. I can enter some text, set the cursor out of the field. But When I come back to the device
    the field is empty again. So impossible to set it.
  • as the tool blkid is not available anymore, I don’t know how to detect the UUID.
  • but so far, when I open datamine it prompt me for a usb stick, but the option is empty.

Any help would be great.

When you modify the SetMountPoint do you click the red X and SAVE the config? Just clicking away might not be enough. Otherwise what you are doing looks fine. You don’t need to know the UUID on a Vera Edge as it only has one USB port so no choice needs to be made about which one to mount.

Today I thougth lets try again. Installed datamine again. Set the mountpoint by hand. And guess what…for some reason it’s working now…
I really don’t understand why…Could be I formatted the USB stick on Windows FAT32 and gave it a label. Last time it was blank.

Great job @VeraEdger

Hi all,

I am trying to setup Datamine on my Vera Plus and I am stuck. I can’t select USB Drive currently there is 2 USB drives connected through hub. Please see attached.

Can anyone advice?

Thank you in advance,