VeraEdge and VeraPlus DHCP server handing out IP's when DHCP is disabled

Have both a VeraEdge and a VeraPlus on my local MS AD network, which provides DHCP and DNS, etc.

My network system logged an attempt by both Vera’s to respond to a DHCP request on the network.

DHCP server is disabled on both, both are hardwired and Manual Configuration to use DHCP client is set, and works fine using reserved IP from AD.

Searched the forum, seems like there are older stories about how to really and entirely disable the DHCP server in VeraEdge. However, nothing seemed current enough to use.

For both Veras, when I hit the Troubleshoot Network option, among other info it gives:

eth0.1 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

The address is not valid in my network, yet somehow Vera bridges to it internally, ???
For the second Vera, the is shown, not valid as well.

In both cases these IP numbers are show in the UI under the “supposedly” disabled DHCP server.

Could make any network flaky…, might explain why IP network devices disappear…

Found the answer here, works with VeraEdge and VeraPlus on 7, I think. Time will tell…,37506.msg280280.html#msg280280

I am running into this same issue on my Veraplus. You would think they would have had this fixed by now. I will try the fix tonight and report back.

This should have been fixed a while ago on some older firmware unless some settings have been kept.

As a first step I would try to “reset network settings” . ! Make sure you have Vera plugged in with an ethernet cord, as it will lose any wifi settings if used in wifi client mode.

If this issue still persists, please contact our Customer Care team. Details in my signature

Sorin, I am on version 1.7.3532 (installed by customer service because my vera was bricked trying update it when I got it new). Over the weekend I had my network go down and would keep going down after resting the modem and my router until I unplugged the ethernet cable from my vera. I went in and manually set the wifi and network settings to firewall disabled and DHCP server off. On Monday, while I was at work, my network went down again. When I got home I created a SSH session and when I displayed the DHCP settings it showed dhcp.wan.force=1 and dhcp.wan.ignore=0 so I changed them and currently my network is up.

My Vera is saying that the Firmware version I am on is the latest so clearly this is still an issue.

The whole selling point on the vera vs other options was that it was not a cloud based system and I could still access it remotely. If it continues to take my internet connection down then it is of no use to me which is upsetting given the amount of time I have invested into it at this point.

Hello Will,

This is definitely something we would want to look into. Please log a dedicated topic for this issue.

offtopic: Hope you enjoy your 335i if this a driver’s reference 8) , because I’m enjoying mine as it’s an amazing engine.


Yes, the N54 is a beast. I have 110K miles on mine and still going strong. If I ever have the funds I want to throw on the single turbo kit from vishnu.