VeraEdge and Fios

I know this has been discussed many times and the proposed fixes seem mixed and somewhat confusing. Does VeraEdge work properly with Fios? That is not causing the set top boxes to reboot. I could never get my VeraLite to work so I stopped using it. After struggling with a different smart home system, I would like to try Vera again. Just want to make sure it works with my Fios. Thanks.

It’s not so much Vera as it is the Cisco set top boxes Verizon and eg Bright House use. The moment I connected my Bright House (similar to Time Warner) Cisco box to my network, it reboots. Luckily BH did not require the box to be networked. It got replaced with a Scientific Atlanta one that doesn’t even have an ethernet port but most definitely is a lot more robust than the Cisco unit.

Unless Verizon upgraded the Cisco firmware the problem is most likely still present. You may want to check with FIOS to see if they have boxes other than Cisco available to see if you have more luck.

Alternatively, if your router allows it, create 2 VLAN’s that don’t route to each other, but only to the internet. Put the Cisco set top box(es) on one VLAN and the Vera on the other. With whatever other boxes each needs to have access to on the relevant VLAN. Vera and Cisco should be able to co exist that way.

Ask the verizon tech to install motorola boxes. I dont think they have the reboot issue.

If you get the new fios quantum service those boxes are motorola and should be ok as well.

I will ask about different boxes. May switch to comcast next year anyways which I know works just fine with Vera.

turn off UPnP scanning in Vera, should fix the problem.

Settings → Net & Wifi → uncheck “Auto detect devices on my home network”