VeraCam vs Foscam 9821 in vera opinions

I am a brand new vera user and could really use some opinions on getting rid of my foscam 9821 and getting a vera model, but i need to know what benefits the vera model has with integration into vera plus. Any comments or opinions would be helpful.

  1. From what i seen with my foscam model, motion detection is not working, with a vera cam would it take pictures if it detects motion and show up in my alerts? And would it snap pictures on motion and would these pictures show up in my vera dashboard or vera app on my phone? This would be nice to have them accessible in the app. Currently my foscam just sends them to an email.

And can the foscam model i have (9821) when it detects motion it snaps 3 pictures, will those display in the vera dashboard somewhere?

  1. Are there any other benefits to using vera over foscam now that im a vera plus user?

  2. Will the foscam show motion or just an image? Have to call support yet to get my foscam working so i am unsure.

I have the foscam working and its been good to me, i dont really want to buy a new camera, but if it integrates much better in vera i have to consider it.

Any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated!

I tested out the vera vista 700 cam. It did have easier set up but the quality was not that great. I bought a hikvision cube instead. Once configured much better!

Does the motion control and all features work on that, and how difficult was it to setup?