VeraAlerts issue after upgrading VeraLite to version 1.7.902

Hi all, I tried upgrading to firmware version1.7.902 and my unit got bricked, I contacted support and they helped me get it back up and running (issue with space was the cause), they did the upgrade for me after cleaning up files on the unit but after that I was no longer able to edit/save settings to it.

After going back and forth with them I got this from them:

I have connected to your unit and I have managed to solve the issue.
The issue was generated by the VeraAlerts plugin which is a 3rd party plugin that?s not developed by us.
You had some notifications added using the VeraAlerts plugin and those notifications were improperly saved in the backend by the plugin as scenes containing unencrypted luup code. (those notification only scenes were not present on the web UI)
I have removed all the scenes generated by the plugin in the backend and also removed the plugin all together.
You can add regular Vera notifications on your devices. (click on the ?>? button from the devices tab , go to Notifications and add the desired notification for each device).

I would like to keep using VeraAlerts as I paid for it and it is much better with the alerts (Using PushOver) but I do not want to screw up my unit.

Is this plugin compatible with firmware version 1.7.902 on a VeraLite?

Is there a way to backup just the settings fro this plugin? (Lost the settings when they removed it).



The latest version of Vera Alerts plugins saves the data in an encrypted format.