Vera3 UI7 :Controller up - Controller down

Since I switched to UI7, I almost daily get alerts saying the controller is down…and some time later that the controller is up. Although the controller informed me to be down, I’m able to eg switch on and off the lights with my phone…so it’s not really down. :-
Does anyone have an idea what is wrong here?

It happens to me all the time. If the notifications are bothering you turn them off that’s what I did.

Same here. But I don’t turn them off because in that case if any time the controller is really off or offline I wouldn’t know it. :frowning:

I would ask support for finding what the reason for it is (even I have read in the forum many ones reporting the same problem) and to correct it. Maybe the “new developments” would be good opportunity for solving it? :wink:

And it doesn’t occur all the days neither all the weeks. For instance, in the last couple of days it came to me maybe three or four times, but there was a week that it didn’t. Might be it was dependent of the polar cold going to Chicago?, even my Vera is in the not so cold Spanish Madrid… 8)

I got one today while I was connected to it on a SSH tunnel


Hahaha…I’m in Belgium, so yes…definitely colder than in Madrid, but not as cold as in Chicago ;D
Thanks all for your replies…happy to not be the only one having this issue.


This issue about “Controller Down” alerts being sent when the relay servers are merely switching has been reported to the dev team. Under such circumstances, those notifications should not be sent. A fix is expected in one of the coming firmware versions but in case your Vera is actually going offline and you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact support:

Note that controllers switch from one relay server to another as a backup only when the controller cannot communicate with the main server assigned to it.
Reasons why a controller switches depend on external factors like the customer’s network, ISP or server issues, etc. If the connection drops, the controller jumps to another server.