Vera3 don't turn off some of the lights anymore

I had a working application for a long time then I saw the late of the evening at a specific time I turn off the lights in the whole house.
Some of the devices are not turned off automaticly.
When I do it manually by clicking on the device in veramate or UI5 it work but not from the scene.
These devices are not inbuilt relays behind buttons. They are relays that you pit in the socket for example TKBHome
What acn be wrong?

Are you saying that the scene is running at its scheduled time, but not all devices within the scene are responding? If so there are a few possibilities.

  1. A bad route/routing issue. - Perform a network heal to resolve.

  2. A bad/failing device, which could also cause item 1. above. Verify that all of the devices in the scene and routing path are working correctly. Additionally, rebooting the devices by turning their breakers Off and On again is an easy troubleshooting step.

  3. Outside interference. Something could be blocking or interfering with the signal. New wireless devices such as baby monitors in your house or a neighbor?s apartment are common causes. As are new metal shields in the signal path such as appliances or mirrors. - This could be more difficult to figure out.

You may also want to look at your Vera log file to see if there are errors or if commands are failing and being retried.