Vera3 directly to internet

Can anyone explain how to connect Vera3 directly to internet?

I have no modem, but i have a dsl cable with rj-11 which requires a username and password (because of my service provider) : i already tried all of them.

You need a router.

Ok, what is PPPOE for?

A router will connect to the internet. Via pppoe (point to point over Ethernet).
Youm will program the router with you username and password. It will then have one or more, typically four, LAN ports to connect devices to. Many routers also provide wireless connections.

Vera3 has a PPPOE setting so it can act like a router?

Vera does not work very well as a router. I would not recommend it. I have a vera3 and I disabled the router and the wifi because of the problems.

The extra memory is the only thing of benefit over the Vera lite.

Ok maybe as you said “does not work very well” ; but i want to try it my self.
Is there any “trick” ?
Docs are not enough.

[quote=“hatipoglu”]Ok maybe as you said “does not work very well” ; but i want to try it my self.
Is there any “trick” ?
Docs are not enough.[/quote]
That is because MCV do not support this for a Vera 3 and hence No Documentation.

Please have a look at this thread :,11220.msg137059.html#msg137059

Ok i understand this was planned maybe before production of vera and some software problems didnt allow to connect directly to the internet via dsl cable.

My real problem is if there is no electric system will be off when im not home so;
I will put a 3g modem to tplink and take power from vera’s usb and connect tplink to vera with ethernet. Is it possible?

I am looking for alternative power supply for vera even there is no electric what should it be?

You’re first challenge is to find the power supply…

One alternative maybe a solar charger to a deep cycle battery but this is risky without protection.

The above with a inverter between battery and your Vera.

For 3G modem look at starting here:

Or do a google search
site: 3g modem