VERA3 bad behavior help (advanced)

I was installing a new vera3 and when I turned it on after boot all lights is on !

I do not have acess with to configure it.

reading the forum I run this steps and have now ssh access and could activate lighttpd service (was down) and have access by browser.
I change the network setting and now it can access the internet and I can try an update of firware. but…

UNDEFINED Download Server. Using predefined.
Testing connection to: … OK

missing serial number

I would like know if has a link for download and force it upgrade from my computer.

ALL the lights in front of that vera3 is turned ON all the time…

when I try open ticket option the system shows this:

Reporting issue from ap:
Collecting logs…
. Network…
. System…
. Kernel…
. Zwave Status…
Compressing logs…
Compressed /etc/config /etc/firewall.user /etc/lighttpd /etc/lighttpd.conf /etc/lighttpd.users /etc/cmh /etc/cmh-ra /etc/cmh-lu /tmp/log.FactoryTest /tmp/log.FactoryTest.debug /tmp/log.LuaUPnP /tmp/log.NetworkTroubleshoot /tmp/log.Provision /tmp/log.Report_AP /tmp/log.Rotate_Logs /tmp/log.RouterMode /tmp/log.StartLuaUPnP /tmp/log.StartNetworkMonitor /tmp/log.check_internet /tmp/log.dmesg /tmp/log.fix_datetime /tmp/log.freshinstall /tmp/log.lighttpd_error /tmp/log.logread /tmp/log.mios_firmware /tmp/log.mios_services /tmp/log.net_apply /tmp/log.opkg /tmp/log.platform_init /tmp/log.trouble_report /tmp/log.trouble_report_response /tmp/log.upgrade /tmp/log.upgrade_debug /tmp/log/cmh/InternetOk.log /tmp/log/cmh/LuaUPnP.log /tmp/log/cmh/NetworkMonitor.log /tmp/log/cmh/signal.flag.log /tmp/log/cmh/signal.log in /tmp/_troublereport.tar.gz
Submitting trouble report…
ERROR:Failed to submit your issue: POST_t_phone= SERVER_ADDR= PWD=/www/cgi-bin/cmh HTTP_ORIGIN= SERVER_PORT=80 SCRIPT_NAME=/cgi-bin/cmh/ POST_t_submit=1 HTTP_CONTENT_LENGTH=152 SERVER_NAME=

please look the image. I can not send this device again to USA.

thanks for help

You could try the firmware reflash recovery method.

I see that you are using Windows 7. Some people have trouble reflashing from Windows 7, I suspect it is a firewall issue, but I don’t know.

I made the reflash…at least 20 times.
I have a machine with XP.
all the process goes well …
but when reboot…after a time…no Zwave Led turn on and normal behavior…but ALL LIGHTS ON again…

what the next step now ?
thanks for your interest.

Sorry for your bad luck.

See option C. ALL LIGHTS ARE SOLID Green in this thread.

Do you think is nothing I can do ?
only returning to MCV ?

I need know because 1 day for me is very time. monday I put in mail for USA.


I suspect that you will need to return the Vera, but I cannot know that.

Micasaverde says to call their support.

monday I will try with them !

thanks and good weekend for you !

Log on to and look for Support. Send them an email as they did have people working to respond to these - off course mark it priority

I am having the same problem and I wrote to them without any reply.


Anyone have another solution?


How long have you given them to respond? It may be a day or two, especially because of the weekend.

You say it is the same problem, but is it identical? If it is indeed the identical problem, did you try the reflashing of the firmware, as described above?