Vera3 and GC 100 and iTach Help

Has anyone successfully integrated a GC 100 and iTach with Vera3? If so, will you please provide me with how you did it? Both devices are on the network and have static IP addresses. I am also using SQ Connect but the App doesn’t find the iTach.

Thank you.

Yes, I get used the GC100 app. Only thing to do first is to set the Itach to a fixed IP address. Then enter your ip address into the GC100 app. I also got Vera to control several AV devices see,9357.msg68184.html#msg68184.

I do not use SQ Remote, I tested it worked on my IPhone using Vera mobile.

Thank you. Are you able to learn in IR codes?

I have added a process in the other tread see,9357.30.html