vera2 UI3, want to switch to UI2

So… after playing with UI3 on my vera2 I really think I would prefer the look of UI2.

So… .How can i get UI2, and what do I lose by doing so?
Right now I have a very basic setup… schlage deadbolt and trane thermostat.

The UI3 just seems too much like a kids game.

Go to the advance setting and click on firmware. Enter the http address and click update.

You might want to try this version that solve the sensor problem for me.

Hope this helps!

Hmmm judging by the name of the firmware that is geared towards the original ASUS vera.
Will this run on the vera2? (Didn’t know if the 2 hardware platforms are alike or not)…
Didn’t want to brick the router.

Look towards the bottom of this post:

Recent builds of UI2 are made to work with both versions of the hardware.