Vera2 to Vera Plus

I am finally upgrading my old trusty Vera 2 to a VeraPlus. I have a ** LOT ** of Z-wave devices and such configured. What is my best upgrade path?

There should be plenty of information on the forum on this topic. I never had a Vera2 but I am guessing that it can’t be too different from the other migrations:

Start you Vera Plus from scratch. Make sure to update your firmware to the latest then recover from your latest backup. The vera may take sometime to update all the device configurations to the new firmware but eventually would get there. If you have plugins, some plugins may not work anymore and you may have to update them manually or find their replacements.

last year, I tried an veralite to veraplus migration with micasaverde documentation. :-\ :-\

Very unstable and some devices never want to pass the upgrade.

I finally gave up and start a new conf from scratch and reinclude all the devices :-\ :-\ :-\

I think it is the more reliable solution.