Vera2 to SchlageLink

I hate to ask this, but I may have to change to SchlageLink if I can’t get Vera2 to come back up/start working with all the server problems. Anyway, has anyone had any experience with this, and would you need to “deactivate/unlink” the device with either the Vera2 unit or would you do this with the SchlageLink unit? Or just go directly to a link with the SchlageLink.

You should be able to exclude devices with either controller. This will ‘reset’ them, so they can be included again.

Thanks…made the changeover with no problem. I guess I’ll stick with the Schlage unit until some point in the future when the Vera2 becomes more of a general populance product that a fringe product requiring quite a bit of hardware and software experience/experimenting to become a reliable product. I know Mios has no responsibility for locking renters out of my summer house, but I need something more reliable (Of course I have no experience withSchlageLink either, although setup was so simple it could have been done by my cat). Website so far is much clearer than Vera2.

Hate to say this on this forum, but I excluded my lock and thermostat with no problem using the Vera2 exclusion procedure. Then included all (including a light dimmer module for node reliability?) with the SchlageLink. Absolutely no problems, and the interface was a breeze for setting up the lock access codes and the thermostat as well. I’m going to play around with my now removed Vera2 unit and an extra dimmer module, and see if the interface is reliable before I change back to it, as it does have potential for more extensive monitoring. I expect to play around with it to learn about it before trusting it again. But comparing the Vera2 and SchlageLink interface and ease of setup, hands down the Schlage is prettly much “dummy proof” not requiring forum and internet searching just to get it going. If the SchlageLink turns ugly, I will be the first to admit it here. ???

FYI…a Vera2 unit will un-include a SchlageLink included device. Appear to be interchangeable in this area. This would be useful when changing Z-wave base units. The Vera2 had no problem changing over a light dimmer originally set up by a SchlageLink unit. This is my start of monitoring something simple on Vera2 to learn about what should be available in a clearly written manual . Yet to be found I am sorry to say.

Any controller can be be used to delete or exclude a Z-Wave device from a Z-Wave network as long as it is not a secondary controller :slight_smile: