Vera2 S/N

Should the serial number on the bottom of the unit match the serial number displayed in the UI?

Yes normally.

What if it doesn’t?
the X is actually a digit… didn’t put it in for privacy reasons
label say 12X50
MiOS says 61X04

During the setup both numbers came up… and it would only let me select 61X04

I just thought it was strange

It does sound odd! Its also a very high number. I guess somebody put the wrong sticker on the bottom perhaps! Any idea if the WiFi key matches?

It is odd… I requested a power plug adapter request for the current promotion…

I put in the high number from MIOS… REJECTED!
I put in the low number on the box… Accepted…

I have RMA’d the box due to an issue with loading UI4 and not being able to do a hard reset…
It’s just stuck…
Hopefully I will have a replacement in a week or so… Just trying to confirm abnormal behavior.
I should have another unit in a couple of weeks.


I didn’t try the WI-FI Key… The box is inoperable now so i can’t.

No the WiFi key doesn’t work…