Vera2 compatibility with Leviton controller/programmer VRCPG

I am planning on purchasing some Kwikset z-wave locks, which is why I decided to acquire the Vera2 system.

I just purchased a Vera2 system and have it installed into my fios router.
My current system has about 32 vizia rf+ devices and is controlled/programmed by a leviton VRCPG controller/programmer.

1.) I need to include my z-wave devices on the Vera2. Do I need to “exclude” the devices on the VRCPG, or reset the individual devices to factory default before including them on Vera2?

2.)I have read a little about “primary” and “secondary” controllers. Can someone explain this to me?

3.) There is a firmware update for the VRCPG. Is this necessary? If so, should I mail my controller to Leviton, or is it better to buy the control think USB stick and update it at home?

Thanks in advance for any advice regarding the above! :stuck_out_tongue: