Vera2 as a home alarm with benefits

Hi everyone,

I am still a newbie in this world but I see a lot of good potential. I bought a couple of devices to test it and now I am at the point that I have a couple of question regarding the project I would like to complete. I can understand the basic of this system but since I bought a 3in1 motion sensor and a magnetic door sensor, I feel like I was a real dummy !

Here’s the project…

The devices:
-A vera2 with the last firmware
-A 3in1 homeseer hsm100 motion/temp/sun sensor
-A home manageable magnetic door sensor (probably made from intermatic)
-Leviton vizia rf+ 600w scene capable dimmer
-Appliance module (ON/OFF) from wayne dalton

What I want:
Protect the cottage and the shed from intrusion and have the benefits of home automation.

The Shed:

In the shed, there is a magnetic door sensor screwed on the principal door and a leviton vizia rf for the lights.
I would like that when the sensor is not armed, when I open the door, the lights open immediatly, and when I close it, light stay on for 15 seconds and then turn off.

When the sensor is armed, if this same door open, it will not turn on the light, but it will give a 10 second of inactivity before starting the appliance module, with a big siren plugged in it. If possible, it could be great that during the same 10 seconds, lights flash on and off every second for exemple…!

The Cottage:
Approximatly the same project as the shed, but a bit more complicated.
With a motion detector hsm100, I would like that if the sensor is armed, and there is intrusion, it do the same thing as the shed. It wait 10 second before starting the appliance module for the siren and if possible, flash the light before siren go on.

But when it is not armed, (“bypass” I suppose), I would like that if all lights are OFF (only during the night), I would like that if motion is detected, light will turn on on a 40% dim for exemple and turn off after 2 minutes of inactivity…

So when people are in the cottage, they have the light that turn on if they need a glass of water at 3 am, and the cottage is protected by an alarm if there is intrusion when there are away.

Where I am now:
I am ok with the light that go on when I open the shed but they dont go off 15 seconds after I closed the door.

I dont know how to set the 3in1 motion detector to have what I want. I read a lot on this forum and didnt find the good solution…I think I will need a step to step to configure that thing.

I dont understand why but one of the vizia rf sent me those feedback:
1- Device failed to configure
2 - Transmit failed with code: 1

One time, I didnt know why, but the message disapear and everything was perfect but after a reboot of the vera, the same problem came back

and another vizia in the cotage was perfect and suddenly gave me the same error message…

I know there is a lot of stuff in this and I hope that my problem seems really easy to complete !!

thanks a lot

when it comes to the HSM100 I just got mine configured after a couple of frustrating weeks. I had the same messages you have recieved. I have a thread named HSM100 help which helprd out alot. Got it set up and working great, not sur exactly how but followed the help i recieved. after setting it up i believe you can add a scene when armed and then tripped it would turn on your light for any amount of time and then shut if off and activate the siren but when in bypass i believe the sensor doesnt send a signal. i could be wrong.
As for the door sensor that is my next purchase but again when not armed i dont believe there is a signal to activate anything ???

the HSM100 will send a motion signal whether set to armed or bypass, the only difference will be how Vera acts on it, depends on how you set it up

Ok, thanks.
I passed the last night trying to trigger different scene on the arm and bypass mode with the hsm100 and I think that I begin to understand better.

But for my shed issue, I still dont find how to trigger a scene when the door open, and another scene when its close.

Nobody knows about the error message from the leviton dimmer switch ?

Is anybody here is using vera as his home alarm ? Do somebody think that have a siren on this system will cause me a lot of problem like going ON for nothing frequently ?!

Thanks for your help!

I have those switches all over my house and I’ve run into that a few times. Rule #1 is to exclude ALL leviton switches before even trying to connect it. If that doesn’t work restart Vera, refresh the switch by pushing the top in (the switch will pop open) and then pushing the bottom back in after a few seconds. If after 4 or 5 more tries it still doesn’t work, go get a beverage, watch some TV, a good time to take a nap and after a few hours or even a day or two try again from the beginning. No idea why time seems to make it work…I suppose it could simply be that I need to walk away but either way, it almost always works for me. I’ve only had one of those switches go bad on me, they’re pretty solid.