Vera1 vs Vera2... Will the Vera2 deal with networking customizations better?

I have the Vera1, and was thinking about updating to the Vera2.

I do not have many Z-Wave controllers yet, just a couple of plug-in units. My main problem with the Vera1 was actually custom networking issues that it didn’t have the memory to be able to install the customizations to deal with.

Specifically, I have a custom DHCP settings for network booting of some thin clients, where I need to specify different boot parameters for the different clients. I also have VOIP going, and I was not able to specify priority for VOIP traffic, so things didn’t work so well… I wanted to utilize Dynamic DNS service, but was not able to add the software for the service I signed up for. I also wanted to set up a VPN configuration on it, but again was not able to add the packages to do that either. My VOIP is not split off at the cable modem, so it is going through the router.

To get around the two key issues, I ended up needing to have a different device for my router, and have a Server booted all the time to serve the DHCP requests.

Does the new device handle customizing at this level, so I could have all my network configuration on it?
DHCP, DNS Server, DynaDNS, VOIP Priority, VPN connectivity?

Also, does it support WiFi-N now? How about MESH?

Before people start fobbing me off with “But that’s not what it’s designed for” responses… Keep in mind that the default installation for this device is supposed to be hooked directly to your ISP modem, be it cable or otherwise. People with the level of technical knowledge to be using Z-Wave, will likely be looking at doing these types of customizations to their network as well.

I want to have a request to connect to a server on my network go so far as to send the “Wakeup” command to the server in question, and then route the request to that server. Because I’d like to have my server(s) running in low power mode whenever possible… Presently I have to have that server running 24/7 because of the DHCP requirements.

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Not going to fob you off, but if you are prepared to have another server on most of the time just for DHCP then you’d be better off just using a dedicated router.

Vera1 was based upon OpenWRT which does have all the capabilities described, the problem was that I was unable to install the add-on modules to accomplish what I wanted.

I’m hoping to get this working in such a way that I only need to have this device on all the time, trying to simplify things as I thought I could when I got the Vera1.

Thanks for the reply…

Have you seen my Wiki page for addressing the above issue?