Vera1 Persistant

I disconnected my vera1 unit and installed a new vera2 unit.

I tried deleting the vera1 unit from SQ Remote but when I restart SQ Remote it says it cannot connect to the vera 1 box?

SQ remote seems to keep re-adding the vera1 box to it’s settings and trying to connect when it doesn’t exist anymore.

How do I completely purge the vera1 from SQ Remote so it won’t come back?

Is this a bug?

I’m running the latest SQ remote.

Hi markhc,

This is a carry over from Vera 1 & the FindVera service. To ensure maximum compatibility we support both services, but what is happening is that FindVera is still reporting your device, even though you have upgraded. This will eventually stop, or you can ask MCV to purge the FindVera entry for your old system. That will stop it appearing.

In the meantime you can disable MiOS Discovery from within Settings (on your iOS device - not in the app). Then delete the old device from within the app… the new version that has been “Discovered” will remain.


I’ve asked Micasaverde to purge my vera1 account a few days ago, I guess there busy…

I’ll delete it as you’ve stated.