Vera won't let me sleep: I worry

Two questions:

  1. How can I find out, how much memory space my current installation requires, and how much I have left?
  2. After having played with my Vera 3 + AD2USB (to Vista 20P) for a week, I have come to realize that the little box is only part of the story. Without the Micasaverde server and its services, nothing would work. Let’s all pray that Micasaverde will be around for a long time. But what would happen to us Vera users if MCV folds, or loses interest in Vera. I am a senior who intends to use home automation as a clever “baby monitor”, so our children can check on us, once the marbles are gone. So the functioning of Vera for us is mission critical for the next 15 years or so.

You can find out how much memory is in use by logging into the Vera over SSH and running the “top” command. The information you want is in the first couple of rows of output. Vera3 has plenty of RAM and you are unlikely to overtax it.

Yes, we rely on MCV for our Veras to continue to work. (It’s probably possible to run a Vera in isolation without it phoning home to MCV’s servers, with reduced functionality.) But expecting to keep your Vera for more than five years is IMO optimistic. Home Automation is hitting that point where it’s becoming mainstream, and sooner or later a large corporation will get into HA For Everyone. Since most of your HA equipment is platform-independent stuff like z-Wave, the cost of ditching Vera and moving to the next HA product should be minimal.