Vera with Inductive Automation Ignition Maker Edition

I’m wondering if anyone here has looked into using Ignition Maker edition plus the Vera. In this arrangement I’m seeing the Vera as mainly the device gateway to enable the home automation protocols (like z-wave) and Ignition as the main user interface and source of automations. I work in industrial automation/SCADA so not too concerned about the setup of Ignition.
I think communication between the two would be best handled with http requests/commands with any automation being done in Ignition via scripting.
Any thoughts or tips on the best way to do this? Also any thoughts on the security of using http requests/commands in this way? Lastly, is anyone using industrial protocols like OPC UA or MQTT with a Vera?

hi @scott.avis
interesting ideas…
can you pls give me
1)links to this product
2)exact use case of the “automations” you want to run (so that I can see what is missing in our Automation platform )
we are about to launch full HTTP capability in our EZlogic Automation engine…(and MQTT is on the way…and would love to look into OPC UA as a potential addition as well. )

G’day @melih
Still keen on any thoughts on my original queries but glad to help improve the product :slight_smile:
This is the Ignition Maker link: Ignition Maker Edition | Inductive Automation.
Ignition is a full industrial SCADA application, but they’ve made a free version available as Maker. Very feature rich with thing I wouldn’t necessarily expect from a home automation controller, like full historical data recording and trending through SQL integration, and freedom to develop a completely custom interface from objects through to full layouts and whole house dashboards.
The most complicated automations I currently use are around opening and closing rollershutters on time/temperature which is further complicated as our windows ‘open out’. This means that I also need to check that the window is closed before closing the shutter. I have these automation configured in my Vera Plus through the Reactor Plugin.
I assume the link you provided is for the new ezlo products and not suitable for the older Vera’s?
In terms of anything missing in the Automation platform, the feature that would assist my use cases most would be some way to interlock (or prevent) control actions based on a sensor feedback. If this could be done on the configuration for the device being controlled, I’d assume this could be done to also prevent any direct controls on the device.

It does work with Old Vera as long as you use a plugin called Vera Bridge for your Ezlo device.

Could you please give a real world use case. This sounds like
Do the action, unless…kind of ruleset…

Ok, great - i will have to take a closer look at that link tonight.

In terms of the real world case, based on my use: Any shutter close command/action should verify the window is closed and the battery is not flat. To use your words:

Do the action (Close shutter) unless (Window not Closed (or is open) AND Window Sensor battery state is > 3%).

But ideally this would be checked regardless of the close trigger source. i.e. check the above if its triggered from the app device, or a scene or any other type of automation source.

Another option here would be Reactor, which comes in two editions: there’s a Vera plugin, which of course only runs on Vera hubs, and there’s a multi-hub version which will interoperate with Vera, Home Assistant, Hubitat, and Ezlo hubs, and MQTT. The Multi-hub version is a bit more advanced than the Vera plugin and can more simply handle your gating predicates (the Vera plugin can as well, but it’s a bit more verbose). It also integrates with Influxdb for data collection and aggregation.

Indeed. this is exclusion. Happy to help.

As rigpapa suggested one alternative is to use MSR. It requires you to run another computer for automation so you will need another computer along with your hub/controller.

EZlogic does not require another computer to run, the controller firmware is built to allow full automation to run inside the controller. EZlogic has full Visualization capability (very customizable) as well as Cloud integration to many cloud services.
It also has a “Global MeshBot” capability where not only can you build and run automations locally in the hub, but you can also do it in the cloud (Just released today :slight_smile: ) . (helps with automation in physically different locations etc)