Vera with 5 Schlage Locks

I am planning to purchase 5 schalge locks and connect them to vera. But I am afraid about distance especially since many have been complaining. So guys who have more than 1 shclage, can you please share the distance between your vera and the locks?

Also, what would you recommend, using lamp modules (hidden somewhere) just to act as repeaters. Or do you recommend multipe bridged Veras (which btw is a pain to get working!) ?

Im gona attach a drawing, take a look at all the entrance doors around the house. Any suggestions would be appreciated :slight_smile: … all the walls are concrete btw.

In order to provide any assistance that is actually useful, we would need to know a few things:

Where are have you placed your Vera?

What is the distance between Vera and each door you will be installing a Schlage into?

Will you have ANY Z-wave devices between the locks and Vera, or is your ultimate desire just to have Schlage locks?

I personally have 6 Z-wave locks in my home, with 4 being Schlage, and 2 Kwikset. Once I know some more about your desires, I can give you some advice.

Thanks for the reply.

I haven’t really decided on the vera positioning but I would say the min distance would be 30 feet and max is 60 feet.

I am not planning for any other zwave devices (only the locks) for now. I will be buying the Schlage locks for their function as standalone decice, adding the vera on there is just a plus to be able to lock then all with 1 scene button over 3G.

Please tell me more about your set up. Do you have zwave switches that support beaming? Did you need them? What distances do you have between the locks and your vera(s).

If you ONLY plan on controlling the locks, and their distance is going to be 30-60 ft away, you WILL need a few ‘beaming’ switches to put between the locks and Vera.

Best cost option at this point, is to visit your local Radio Shack. Pick up 4 or 5 GE lamp or appliance modules. Trust me, you will find a use for them within your home. They support beaming, and at the clearance price of $10.00 ea, now is the perfect time to buy.

Once you have the modules, let us know here on the board, and I (or someone else) can walk you through setting everything up.